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Welcome to the room behind the ropes at House of Taboo. This used to be the “Members Only” section of the club, but now it has a home of its own here on the island paradise we call Temptations Resort. While we continue to get ready for our full grand opening party, The Vixen has taken over the reigns and promised to bring us all the sinful, sassy, naughty, wicked, wanton and oh soooo taboo topics she once covered on another page. 

Now she’s here, where she belongs with those of us just as sinful, sassy and taboo as she is. This is a place where all are welcome. Fetishes are our specialty. This time The Vixen chats about incorporating food into your sex play. I’ll let her get to it while I help Tony out with the next round of margaritas. ~Luscious Lia

Thanks, babe! Make sure one of those pitchers has my name on it please. I’ve been eyeballing those pomegranate bad boys and I”m willing to give up my usual jalapeno lime for a few of those. Just sayin’!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends as much as I do. Not only do I get to visit with family and friends, I usually to get in a bit of “research” for this article. Let’s just say Mr. Vixen was more than a willing participant in our experiments.  😉

Well, I had to be sure I was reporting the most up to date information to you and not just old wives’ tales. Right? My reputation as The Vixen is on the line here. Rest assured, the information presented today is definitely not in the Old Wive’s Tale category nor is anything a myth as some would have you believe. Take a look at this famous clip from the movie “9 1/2 Weeks” starring Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke.

Yes, my lovelies. Food can and should be brought into the bedroom during play time. Certain fruits and vegetables can make you and your partner taste fantastic. Other foods are just plain fun, bringing out that inner child and playfulness that can be oh so sexy and a huge turn on for not only you, but your partner(s) as well.  Look at how much fun both lovers had in the previous video. They turned their game of guess this flavor into a night of fabulously sticky sex. Is that for everyone? Nope, but if it’s something you’d like to give a go, talk to your partner and set up a bit of the naughty play that does appeal to you.  Here are a few ideas to consider.

Are you HOT or COLD?

Have a variety of items near the bed to put in your mouth before kissing or licking your partner’s body. Hot tea, cocoa, or coffee vs. iced water can be a great way to alter the sensation your mouth can give when performing oral sex on your partner.  Another item is Creme de menthe. Swirl it in your mouth for a few moments before performing fellatio. Then pop him out of your mouth and blow on his penis. This will create a cool to cold sensation that is totally opposite of what he was feeling a moment before.  Sucking on cinnamon Altoids will have the same effect.  Other cold items to try would be a Popsicle, ice cubes or frozen juice cubes. 

Are you SWEET or SOUR?

Candy Buttons: Remember these little treats? They’re not just for kids. Peel them off, lick the back of each one and stick them in various places on your body. Then have your partner slowly nibble them off one by one. 

Candy Warheads: Here’s one for those of you who love the sour candies. Place a one or two of them in your mouth, suck on them for a few moments so they are coated with your saliva. Then rub them on a few of your erogenous zones and let your partner find the zones with just his sense of taste.  Who knows? Maybe you’ll introduce your partner to a zone or two he/she hasn’t discovered on you yet! 

Candy Necklace: Use this bit of edible jewelry as a garter under your clothes. During an evening out, give your partner a few sneak peeks at the candy on your body with the promise he/she can eat it off of you as soon as you get home!


These are the most popular foods to be linked with fun sex games. People for ages have been including strawberries into their games of seduction, but there are so many other fruits to choose from. Not only do they taste great themselves, but they have the added bonus of making your cum taste fantastic as well. 

I know some of you are rolling your eyes at that, but it’s very true. It’s a known scientific fact that the foods you eat can make your body fluids taste differently. If you eat a lot of dairy and red meat, your cum will be very salty. Too much onion or garlic in your foods can make you taste a bit off and don’t get me started on asparagus! If you are hoping for a night of “wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me” you had better skip the asparagus, garlic, onions, beer, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale…just to name a few. Those foods will give your cum a bitter taste and pretty much kill the mood.

Instead partake in a variety of melons, mango, papaya, berries, bananas, pineapple, parsley, wheat grass and celery. All of these will help give your secretions a flavor and scent that will leave your partner begging for more.

Drinking juices such as orange, grape, papaya, mango and pineapple can all give you the same result, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a platter of these delectable delights and take turns feeding them to each other? Better yet, why not take turns eating them OFF OF each other? 

Get the picture?

So go on, try a few of these suggestions. See which ones appeal the most to you and your partner and have fun.  Before I go, I want to leave you with another example of another famous TV couple getting their freak on with food. If you compare them to Kim and Mickey, then this next couple will be demonstrating what NOT to do with food in the bedroom.  

Until next week, 
~The Vixen 

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