#SinfullySassySundays: #TheVixen Reclaims the C-word with @Tawny_Savage and Author Lia Michaels @HouseofTaboo

Welcome back to Sinfully Sassy Sundays here at Taboo II. I’m The Vixen, your guide to all things sassy, sinful, titillating, naughty, and oh so very taboo. Today’s topic is the most taboo word known today. No other word elicits such a gut reaction as this one. 

Originally my alter ego Tawny lead the following discussion on another blog. Today, she’s joining me and Luscious Lia here at our favorite table close to the bar and Tony’s margaritas. He’s got a new batch of jalapenos all muddled and ready to help us spice up our conversation. 

Tawny, I can’t tell you how happy I am you’ve tackled this topic. Both of you know how I feel about the use of the word in question. 

One of many things we agree upon, Lia. So many people feel the need to bash this word and erotica in general. I’m sick and tired of it. It’s why I write what I do. I refuse to follow rules set up by people trying to impose their own morals on others. It’s not right and I won’t keep quiet about it.

We’re united on that front. Just today I read a blog written by someone listing off the things she can’t stand to see/read in erotic romances. Of course she admits to not reading many of them…three of them of course and guess what they were.

Puhleeeeze. Not that comparison again. When will they stop trying to make erotica and erotic romance fit into the Fifty Shades mold? We were here long before Ms. James wrote that trilogy, and we’ll be around long after. I read the books and was entertained, but erotic it’s not.

That’s what brings me today today’s spotlight word. If someone thinks they’re going to force me to use Fifty Shades terminology to describe my heroine’s genitalia…

oooohhhh…he kissed her down there! bwahahahahaha! (Vixen gets up from the table to help Tony with the margaritas.)

That’s precisely my point! We laugh at that but there are readers out there who think that’s the way erotica is to be written. When we talked about what you wished to discuss this week, I just had to get in on it. As a writers of very explicit erotica, we use words that many find offensive, but none more than one.


There you go! One of my favorite words.
Oh we’re so gonna burn in hell for this…NOT! Tawny is the one who said it. We’re guilty by association. snicker Every time any of us says the word, we get to drink. Ready? 

(All three women raise their glasses)

That’s right. I said it and you read it. C.U.N.T. The one word in modern English that has the ability to make people recoil, blanch, turn fifty shades of pale, and overall act as if personally slapped by the word itself.  
She spelled it out. That means two gulps! hehehe. Tony, I hope you have the next round at the ready. I think Tawny is going to launch into a whole diatribe and we’ll be needing refills…stat!

(all three gulp down half their drinks. Tony laughs and works on muddling more jalapenos. This time he’s adding more Tabasco sauce. Let’s see if the gals can keep up with that!)

Oh, Keep these bad boys coming, Tony! 
How the hell did this one word become the most hated among WOMEN in the modern age? Well, take a moment to ponder the question. Before we get into how the origins of the word cunt come from a variety of languages and cultures, think who could possibly want to turn the one word that describes the entire female genital organ into something foul and nasty? 
Oh hell’s bells! She slipped another one in there. Drink!

Tony brings an entire pitcher over of pomegranate spicy margaritas. He winked and kissed Lia before heading back to make another round.

That man’s a keeper.
Definitely. Anyone who can whip up drinks as fast as he does and take the time out to kiss his woman, is a keeper.
No doubt about it. Once we’re done here, I’ll tell you all about our getaway. Go on, Tawny. Tell everyone who could want to turn the female body into something taboo and cringe-worthy. Who would want women to think CUNT should never be spoken aloud or written?
Damn it! I wasn’t ready for that one. LOL!
Zip it and drink, woman. LOL!

Hang on, I need a refill. Let’s backtrack a little and talk about a few other words used to describe our naughty bits.

Vagina only describes the actual sexual canal. The vulva includes the inner and outer pussy lips and the clit. No other word besides cunt encompasses all the parts…oh those fabulous parts that give us so much pleasure and can lead to creating those beautiful bambinos.  So who would want to turn this into something nasty? Drink up, girls! I did it again!

Yes you did. Stinker! My vote for who would want to turn CUNT something down and dirty are the dudes. Sorry honey! Not you of course, but there are some out there throughout history who’ve vilified women’s sexuality. 

I think the two of you are doing this deliberately. You know damn well I started out two ‘ritas ahead of you tonight. (Vixen gulps down more of her drink). Nothing ticks me off more than to read someone say the word shouldn’t be used…EVER. Really? Well I want writers to stop using VAGINA when they really mean vulva. As a medical professional in my evil day job, I cringe every single time I read inappropriately used medical terms. There. I said it.

No you didn’t. You skirted around it. You never said it. 
She’s right. You didn’t. Go on. Say it. You know you wanna…
CUNT CUNT CUNT!!! bwahahahaha! Pass the pitcher. I need a refill.

You’re right. Men played a huge role in making this word taboo because they controlled everything for centuries. It’s thought the first time CUNT turned from the “light” to the dark and forbidden was during the time of the Witch Trials across Europe and then later here in the United States. 

All drink again. This time Tony and the rest of Taboo’s patrons join in the fun. Salute!

I’m not here to bash men. God knows I love each and every one of them, but you only have to look at history to see how women were treated as property by the men in their lives. They feared women and their cunctipotent (all powerful, having cunt magic) ways. 

Rightfully so. You don’t see a man shooting something the size of a bowling ball out a hole the size of a walnut! 😉

Cunctipotent? Does that count? If it does we have to drink twice more.
I think the back of my tongue is numb. Tony, what the hell did you put in here?
Just a few drops of habañero juice. You said to give them some more kick for Tawny.
Awwww…that’s so sweet. Maybe you should bring over a glass of milk. I think Vixen is beginning to sweat.
(mops her brow) Yeah, I’m getting a bit warm. Must be a hot flash.
Yeah. Can’t be the drinks…hehehe

So after a few centuries of being told referring to female genitalia in anything other than the most squeaky clean medical jargon or in the most vague purple prose, “proper” women learned to become offended by even the slightest off color remark or terminology.

Fast forward a couple more decades and you have women like myself, The Vixen and Luscious Lia. Speaking for myself I use cunt when describing the pussy in my sex scenes. It’s meant to jar you a bit and get you ready for sex hot enough to melt your thong off as you read it. 

Drink up all. You’ve joined in so now you have to drink every single time one of us says the word.
What word?
The entire bar cheers and gulps from their glasses.

Good Goddess! You’re making me forget my whole speech. Now where was I…oh yeah. Using words to jar you and get you ready for mind blowing sex.

I could just write:

He fucked her hard. She came. He came. Both fell asleep moderately satisfied.
Booooo! Hiss. 
Boring. Try again, darlin’. We all know you can do much better than that. Bigfoot is never just ‘moderately satisfied’ in your books. 
You got that right! 
Okay. How about this?

He sheathed his throbbing manhood into her silky folds. Her inner muscles squeezed his shaft as another wave of ecstasy over took her body.
She thrashed beneath his powerful body as his rod of desire nearly split her in two each time he thrust into her honey pot. “Please, no more. It’s just too much—” Her words left her as another wave of rapture flooded over her.
He rode her faster and harder to join her in the euphoric bliss he’d only experienced with her. He cried out as he claimed her, the fruit of his loins taking root deep inside her womb.
The entire club erupts into laughter.
(laughing hysterically) Rod of desire?  Honey pot? FRUIT of his loins?  Bwhahahaha! Stop. I can’t take it anymore. (tears streaming down Vixen’s face now.)  
She’s right. That’s just too much purple prose. I love the color but not in my love scenes. I want raw, down and dirty sex. Try again.
Are you okay? Do you need a moment before we go on? *snicker* I’m trying to prove a point here.
I’m sorry. Please. Carry on. (giggles continue to escape.)
Good lord. You’re incorrigible. (giggles) Ahem…

Steve rammed his rock hard cock into her tight pussy over and over again, sending her into one mind blowing orgasm after another. Just when she thought he was close to emptying deep inside her, he’d pull out and rub the head of his dick over her throbbing clit.
Tina’s body shook uncontrollably as her juices shot out of her, soaking the sheet beneath them and still he wasn’t finished with her. “Jesus Christ. What the hell are you doing to me?”
He smiled as he positioned himself to enter her again. “I can’t get enough of you. Your cunt’s all I want, all I think about. I’m going to fuck you until you scream and beg me to stop.” He thrust deep inside her in one stroke and held her there, pinned beneath him. “Go on. Beg me to stop.”
She held his gaze as her cunt muscles clenched around his thick shaft, pulling him in as far as she could take. “Please.”
“Please, what?” He pulled out and thrust into her yet again.
“Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”
Yes! Brava!
That’s what I’m talking about!
The patrons are on their feet cheering and raising their glasses to Tawny before drinking yet again.

Do you see the difference? Well, even without Vixen laughing uncontrollably at the purple prose, you can see the last example is a hell of a lot more descriptive, explicit and HAWT. I couldn’t write that scene using all one word such as pussy to describe her genitalia any more than I could just use cock alone to describe his. 
It’s all about using a variety of words including a few purple prose if need be to make the scenes flow.
That’s right. It’s not easy changing things up to make them interesting and unique. Sex is what you make of it and it’s all a personal experience. I feel sorry for those people who’ve never experienced the kind of sex lives we write about…well I feel sorry for them AFTER I’ve yelled about them trying to censor me and others who write in our genres. 

When used in this and scenes like it, CUNT is a perfectly acceptable word and shouldn’t elicit any other reaction other than “Yes! Fuck her harder.”  The scene is down and dirty and the words should portray that.

Amen, sista! Here’s to more down and dirty!

I love using all the naughty words in my writing. Not only does it convey the steam of the scenes, it gets me all hot and bothered writing it. I want my readers to experience that too when they read my stories. As Lia pointed out, we feel sorry for those who’ve never experienced the passion in our sex scenes, but at the same time their lack of experience doesn’t make the scenes any less believable. We don’t have to vanilla things up for anyone. If you don’t like what we write about, don’t read it. Don’t make comments on it. Read what you love to read and leave our stories for those who enjoy them.

Now come on. Let’s take back the word that denotes the power of the woman. Don’t let anyone make it something dirty or forbidden to write or speak again.

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