@HouseofTaboo Is Shaking Things Up and Moving to a New Site




It’s party time here at the House of Taboo! We’ve successfully moved all of our blogs over to our new home at HostGator. For those of you who haven’t heard, Tony and I have jumped ship and right into hosting our own site. Instead of being at Google and Blogger’s mercy, we took the plunge and set up our club here. We’re moving through growing pains and may change up some of the decor as we get settled in, but we’re over the moon about the new direction.



Tony’s mixed up several batches of margaritas for us to sample during the party. Don’t be shy now. Try this pink number. It’s one I like to have when The Vixen stops in to visit.




Of course once things get rolling along, I have to have pitchers of my all time fave…the spicy ritas. Tony is always on the lookout for new combinations to surprise me and our guests. It’s one of the reasons I keep him around…hehehehe


Thank you all for your patience during this move and reorganization. It’s been a little nerve-racking to move away from Blogger, but this is the best place for us and the books I write. A few people have taken it upon themselves to label all sexually explicit adult content as pornography. All of you know what we post is nowhere near what can be found online. I join all of my fellow erotica and erotic romance authors in this battle to keep our connections with our followers and others searching for us. 

It’s time we ban together and take back the part of the web and social media that welcomes us with open arms. Stick around, folks. We have a lot of fun coming up in future posts with updates on Temptations Resort, Fearless Love series, and our fave foursome, The Candy Kisses Gang!


~Luscious Lia






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