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Welcome back once again to Sinfully Sassy Sundays and a glimpse into my world of sexual fun and fantasy. Who am I? I’m The Vixen, your guide to all things sinful, sassy, wicked, wanton and oh so taboo. Each week I talk about a variety of different topics that explore a variety of ways to keep your motor running and in overdrive with your chosen partner.  Whether it’s solo play, one on one, or three or more, everyone can use a little but of spice and kink to keep things fun and exciting. This week I’d like to touch upon another form of foreplay that’s often overlooked these days. It’s the art of sensual and erotic poetry.

Just like reading love notes to each other, poetry can be another way to express your desires for your partner and get them all hot and bothered in the process. You can write the odes yourself, or find some amazing books available today that have just what you’re looking for to ignite the spark that will send both of you over the edge.

Sexual poetry doesn’t have to be explicit (although it does help!) to appeal to you. These poems are very intimate and create a fantasy in your mind, while at the same time convey a deeply emotional component that is akin to sensual love letters.  This is what appeals to me the most. It’s the connection I feel when reading the words that can get me to my very core and it’s how I write my own verses. Like many poets, real life experiences shape the content of my work. The more raw the emotions the better.

I’ve written two different books of poetry over the three years. One outlines the personal journey I went through to find my happily ever after with Mr. Vixen. Before we met, I went through hell and back. I loved, lost, loved again and had my heart shattered. I battled back through it all to find my love of a life time.  Reading those poems, people can feel the emotions there. THAT’S what you strive for with sexual poetry. Here’s a poem from Follow Me: Poetry From the Heart and Soul.


shutterstock_114601687The Thunder and the Rain

Another gust of wind rattles the windows
Interrupting the constant reassuring sound of the rain
Thunder rolls in the distance mimicking your laugh as
I startle and wrap my arms around you tighter, head on your chest.
Sleep tries to take over, our hearts beat in sync…
With each other, with the Thunder, with the Rain.

Unable to stop touching, caressing,
Our lips find each other once again.
Your fingers run through my hair, pulling my head back
Exposing my neck to your lips.
Passion once again rolling through my body
Like the Thunder, like the Rain.

Staring into each others eyes, falling deeper,

No longer afraid to let go.
Nails dig into flesh as the flame ignites again.
More love to give, never ending;
Hearts pounding
Like the Thunder, like the Rain.

Lightning explodes across the sky
Our bodies entwined, racing toward
The inevitable, all consuming end.
Wave after wave pass through leaving only us.
No one and nothing else matters
Except the Thunder and the Rain.

Once again resting, sleep threatening.
Still touching and caressing.
Breathing slowing, our hearts once again
Falling into the rhythm
In sync with each other,
With the Thunder, with the Rain.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


The poem above has made more than a few folks comment to me that they felt the need to smoke a cigarette after reading it…and they don’t even smoke! I think that’s the best compliment I could ever receive. It tells me that they were so into the poem, they could feel the passion in their own bodies. Write or find a poem like that to share with your lover and you’ll see what I mean first hand.

Friend and fellow author/poet Kellie Kamryn also has a book of erotic poetry that you’ll want to check out. It’s called Secrets and Desires of the Heart. It’s available in print and ebook from Amazon. Make sure you have that special someone nearby when you start reading Kellie’s collection…just sayin’!

Now my second book of poetry is vampire inspired and like many folks I find the fanged ones damn sexy! I used the poems in The Courtship of the Vampyre as an outline or summary of a series I’m working on about the origin of two separate vampire races. Both can trace their lineage back to the biblical Adam. It’s an erotic romance series so you will find many intertwined bodies in the books and not just when the vamps are feeding.

shutterstock_112594763Black Heart

I hear your heart beating wildly as you try to run.
There’s nowhere to go,
Nowhere to hide in the dark.
And still I let you keep trying
Because the chase is half fun,
Knowing your blood will soon be mine,
Pumping through my cold black heart.

Cornered, you turn to face me,
A hint of a smile on your ruby red lips.
Your scent overwhelms my senses,
But it’s no longer fear I taste.
My hands roam over your ample hips.
Your fingers tear at my shirt,
Baring me to my waist.

“Two can play at that game.”
Your flimsy black dress is now in shreds at your feet.
You stand naked before me, trembling with desire.
Time to claim what has always been mine.
My fingers plunge deep inside your heat.
A growl rumbles through my chest,
As the pitch of your wanton screams gets higher.
It’s time to take what had been denied me for far too long.
In a flash your body is pinned against the wall,
Legs spread wide as I claim my prize.
You submit at last with my cock buried deep inside.
“Yes, this is where you belong.”
With your near breathless admission my restraint breaks
And I pound your pussy until just before dawn.

With one last thrust I go over the edge, filling you with my seed
While embedding my fangs deep in your neck.
Your body clings to mine, not willing to let me depart.
Leaving you in the alley an empty heap of bones and flesh,
I laugh as the light leaves your eyes.
When will mortals learn they can never outrun
The Vampire they call Black Heart.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy

Even though this one is dark, there is still the passion and fire. There’s the thrill of the chase and then the taking of the prize. Even for those who don’t swoon in the presence of a Nightwalker can get caught up in this fantasy. It’s all about the emotions here too. Do you want another? There’s still those smexy Guardians of the Night, but this time you get to experience the all-consuming fire between the lovers.

Sexy-Couple-1Encounters in the Dark

The hours of the day pass ever so slowly
Causing my anxiety to rise.
My heart races at the memory of our coupling
From the night before.
Every touch, every kiss we shared only heightened the experience,
Making me feel even more alive.
The heat between us was more than I’ve ever known
And it’s shaken me to my very core.

Over and over again our bodies come together,
Mouths exploring, limbs completely entwined.
With one last feral thrust, you take me over the edge,
Your fangs at my neck leaving your mark.
When asked why must you always mark me so,
Your eyes flash with renewed lust before you whisper in my ear
“So ALL will know you are forever mine.
And although they’ll heal, my brand is upon you
So you’ll never forget our encounters in the dark.

Exhausted beyond belief and yet I still cling to you,
Unwilling to let you go with the approaching dawn.
You possess my heart and soul with one last kiss
As tender as it is brutal and hard.
Just as quickly as you entered my life,
In a flash you were gone,
Leaving me lost and alone with the fading memory
Of our last encounter in the dark.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy

There you have it. Just a few examples of erotic poetry that can bring you from a slow simmer to a rolling boil in no time flat. Go on and check out more of the poetry in the mentioned books above. Look for more online and in bookstores near you. Better yet, create a few lines yourself and share them with your lovers. Let your inner vixen come out in those words. You won’t regret it!

shutterstock_144518693Until next time,
~The Vixen

Pssst…if you want direct links to my poetry books, look in the My Favorites box at the bottom of this site. Click on the book and it will take your to it’s Amazon page.


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