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I’m BAAAAACK! This week I thought I’d rejoin the blogging world by participating in the Mile High Muses weekly Scintillating Sunday Showcase blog hop. What can be more scintillating than my favorite foursome Candice, Alex, Gabe, and Darrin? The rules of the hop are quite simple. We’re to share 8 paragraphs, lines, or words that offer a glimpse of a novel we feel fits the scintillating theme. So here’s a snippet from the beginning of Sweet Surrender. 

Sweet Surrender promoAlexander sat back in his chair and sipped from his third glass of Chiante Classico. The laughter throughout their meal warmed his heart. This was what he’d looked for his entire life. If given the chance, he’d spend forever here in this moment with them. Of course he knew that wasn’t possible. In less than three days they’d be back to work in the kitchen of their bistro and planning out the first stages of the remodel. The four of them were now partners in Candy Kisses and the new adult themed Kisses After Dark pub. Finally, everything seemed to be going in the right direction for all of them.

‘The one that got away’ was now back in his life and he couldn’t be happier. The fact that Darrin hit it off so well with both Gabriel and Candice was an added bonus. Sure, he had many lovers throughout the years, but none of them compared to those gathered around the table with him now, laughing and getting pleasantly drunk, not on the wine, but on each other.

Candice waved at him from across the table. “Alex? Where’d you go just now? You looked a million miles away. Have you grown tired of us already?”

“Not on your life, sexy lady. I’m thinking about carrying you over to that big bed over there and having my way with you.”

“Huh. Well, if you’d been paying attention you’d have heard the three of us agreed, we want to feast on you for a bit. It’s the least we can do after this fabulous meal. Besides, I’ve been dying to try a bit of the honey and whipped cream art you and Gabe enjoy so much.”

Darrin clapped his hands together. “Now we’re talking!”

Alexander smiled. “And what makes you so sure I’ll agree to…submit to all of your charms?”

“Oh, you’ll submit and then some. Between the three of us, we know what turns you on the most. Resistance is futile.” Candice stood and held out her hand.


Well there you have it! If you’d like to read more about this fabulous foursome, you can find them as part of two anthologies. Part one of their story was in Sweet, Sultry and Oh So Taboo and the second part (where the above snippet is from) is a part of Season of Sun and Sin. Both books are available on all ebook outlets in print and ebook format.

Now since this is a blog hop, you’ll want to check out the other fabulous authors participating this week. Just click on the next link in the list below and have fun!


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  1. Oh, a dessert foursome…..sounds filling and delicious! xo

  2. Oh, a delicious foursome dessert! Ymmy. xo

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