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Hello everyone! This post is going to be a little off what I’ve posted in the past, but I can’t keep quiet about this topic any longer.

LGBT photoToday the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted 5 to 4 in favor of marriage equality. Their ruling gives all same sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states and those states must recognize the marriages performed in other states. These couples now have the rights of any legally married couple in all aspects of their lives including insurance, adopting the other spouses children, making medical decisions for their partner and children and receiving recognition and full benefits as a spouse of a member of our military.

All these rights should have been given to these couples from day one but because some in our government refuse to understand the concept of Separation of Church and State, they’ve been denied for far too long. Under the guise of following the will of God, these yahoos pushed their own beliefs on the rest of the country. If you’re not Christian, or Christian enough in their eyes, you are against them and their enemy. These fools hide behind the Bible and use it in order to manipulate their constituents into believing bullshit.

That’s right. It’s BULLSHIT that if you grant marriage equality to same sex couples, the “sanctity” of heterosexual marriage would be tainted or made invalid. They’ve gone as far as post blogs about sticking together in order to get through the “persecution” of the Catholic church as well as other Christian sects. Reports on the “usual idiotic network” have asked now that gay marriage is allowed, will the government allow three or more people to legally marry. Social media has been flooded with articles, tongue in cheek and legit, claiming so and so will set themselves on fire if the SCOTUS rules in favor of marriage equality. A couple even stated they’d divorce if same sex couples will be allowed to adopt. One group of brain trusts decided they were going to head up to Canada now since they couldn’t live in a country that allowed same sex marriage. News flash: Canada made it legal LONG before we did! Michigan has a bill going around now that will require marriages to be performed by members of the clergy…can you guess what religion they’ll accept? Which do you think they’ll state isn’t a recognized religion?

one man one woman marriageThe idiots came out of the woodwork today and all up in arms that this country is now on it’s last legs. These are the same people who claim to stand up for religious freedom, but only if you’re their kind of Christian. Some will even go as far as to recognize Judaism and Muslim faiths but heaven help you if you’re a Pagan like me. That’s right. I’m a Wiccan and try to live by the creed “Above all do no harm.” I don’t shove my beliefs in anyone’s face and tell them they’re all going to rot in hell because they don’t worship the way I do. I don’t quote verses from one of many conflicting translations of a Book and twist it to fit my argument.

As a student of many religions, I find all of them have the same basic tenants. Unfortunately, zealots in all of them…and yes in the Pagan word too…refuse to see the way we can bond together. Instead they find the issues that will continue to rip us all apart. Marriage is NOT an institution that belongs to any one faith. It sure as hell isn’t a “Christian” thing. It’s a basic human right to be with the person who completes you heart and soul. THAT is the gift from whatever higher power you believe in. Instead of thinking we’re all on opposite sides, see the truth. The ONE God is everything to everyone. He is God, Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. He is the Great Spirit and Creator of all…

and that includes EVERYONE.

What we choose to do with the gifts given to us by the Eternal One, is up to us. That is the greatest gift of all—free will. WE have the power in our hands to make our world a better place and TODAY with the help of SCOTUS, we’ve taken another step in that direction.

Cousin Kelly


Yesterday, my family suffered a great loss. My oldest cousin on my mother’s side of the family died suddenly in her sleep. She was only four years older than me. She was the mother of four beautiful children who blessed her with ELEVEN grandchildren. She leaves them behind as well as a husband who loved her more than life itself. He stood by her through all the good times and bad—and there were some rough patches let me tell you. Through it all, their love for each other and their family grew with each passing day and now he’s left adrift.

She left behind her parents. She was their only child and now they suffer a pain greater than anyone should have to bear. My uncle feels no parent should ever have to bury their child. He always thought he’d go before her. He’s left lost, alone, and numb.




Take my family’s loss as a wake up call. Live each and every moment as if it could be your last. Fill your heart with love and shut out the hate. If we can do that, we’ll be fulfilling the destiny given to all of us. You’ll see more of this message from me in my Fearless Love series. Now my couples can legally marry and have their happily ever after just like everyone else.

Blessed Be,




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