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Welcome to the House of Taboo! This week I wanted to start off a feature I first experienced with RomCon 2014 in Denver, Colorado. I had a wonderful time with the other authors and readers creating fun projects to put together in the few hours we had for the event. I was assigned sewing. I hadn’t sewed much in years but thought it would be a hoot to give it a go. I settled on creating a trade paper back sized book cover. Participants only had to hand sew the pieces I provided and in the end, they had a cute cover for paperbacks. I provided them with a print out of the pattern which they could alter for any sized book if they wished. The following is a step by step instruction for creating this project. You will see the photos showcase different material. The browns are the colors we used for RomCon, and the bright colors were used to show the contrast between the material easier for the photos.

So let’s stop dilly dallying and get crafting!


IMG_20140603_194249_708 Cover For Mass Market Paperbacks


Materials needed

IMG_20140608_142957_110Quilted material – 15 inches x 8 inches  (17 x 9 1/2 for trade paperbacks)

Plain material (lining) – 10 inches x 8 inches  (12 x 9 1/2 for trade)

Ribbon – 12 inches (or longer if you add a charm)

Extra wide double fold bias tape: 2 pieces 8 1/2 inches long







  1. Sew bias tape on ends of quilted material bias tape for book cover






  1.  Fold ends of quilted material in 2 1/2 inches on each sidefold ends of quilted material






  1.  Mark center of quilted material (I did it with a pin in the picture)mark the center of the cover








  1.  Pin ribbon 2 inches off center (right = front, left = back) (in my picture, the bookmark will be on the back) NOTE: If your ribbon has a right and wrong side, pin right sides togetherpin ribbon







  1.  Pin lining material to quilted material. If it has a right and wrong side, pin it right sides together. lining pinned






  1. Sew lining across top and bottom with 3/8 – 1/2 inch seam, making certain to catch ribbon on top but not on bottom  It took me about 15 minutes to hand sew both sides. sew across top and bottom







  1.  Turn inside out.  Final product should be approximately 7 inches x 10 inches. Any smaller and a book won’t fit. turn inside out







final product



The amounts needed for a trade paperback book are only estimates. I have found the sizes vary between these so best to measure for those books specifically.

Pattern courtesy of Denise Patrick

Here are a few shots  of the finished product from RomCon…



10360477_10202369719545471_6302822020434694627_nAs you can see, you can embellish the material any way you wish. I embroidered a few of them before the pieces were assembled. Those finished products I used as giveaways during the convention. They were a big hit!


I hope you give this project a try and alter it to fit the sizes of books you have on your shelf. For authors, you can make these up for giveaways at conventions and raffle baskets. Go on! Make this pattern your own!

Until next time,



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