I’m in Twitter Hell and Calling for Help

Hello my friends. I come to you today after over five days of trying to get Twitter to unlock my @HouseofTaboo account.  Due to their algorithms, all four of my pen names involved in Triberr were tagged and locked. I was able to unlock three of them without issue. Unfortunately, …

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Hate Turns to Attraction for #ScintillatingSunday #CandyKissesGang

  Welcome to my stop on the Scintillating Sunday Showcase blog hop! Today I chose eight paragraphs from the first Candy Kisses Gang novelette published two years ago. We’ve decided to re-release it as a special stand edition to wet your appetites for the full story featuring my favorite foursome. …

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Time to #GetCrafty with Author Lia Michaels

  Welcome to the House of Taboo! This week I wanted to start off a feature I first experienced with RomCon 2014 in Denver, Colorado. I had a wonderful time with the other authors and readers creating fun projects to put together in the few hours we had for the …

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Against All Odds #LoveWins

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a little off what I’ve posted in the past, but I can’t keep quiet about this topic any longer. Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted 5 to 4 in favor of marriage equality. Their ruling gives all …

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Candy Kisses Gang Jumps in for a Fun #ScintillatingSunday #menage

  I’m BAAAAACK! This week I thought I’d rejoin the blogging world by participating in the Mile High Muses weekly Scintillating Sunday Showcase blog hop. What can be more scintillating than my favorite foursome Candice, Alex, Gabe, and Darrin? The rules of the hop are quite simple. We’re to share …

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Inspiration from @kendallgrey1 and Letty Dillinger #HardROCKHarlots

Welcome back to Center Stage here at the new House of Taboo! I’m Luscious Lia Michaels and your host for today’s festivities. Like many authors and artists, I’ve gone through my fair share of self doubts and had stopped writing for short (sometimes longer) periods. Having your work slammed by …

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@HouseofTaboo Is Shaking Things Up and Moving to a New Site

    It’s party time here at the House of Taboo! We’ve successfully moved all of our blogs over to our new home at HostGator. For those of you who haven’t heard, Tony and I have jumped ship and right into hosting our own site. Instead of being at Google …

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Taboo II Has Moved to a New Home!

Welcome to the new blog area for Taboo II: Kisses After Dark. Tony and I are thrilled with the move to a self-hosted WordPress.org set up and this cool theme has allowed us to tailor both House of Taboo and Taboo II to our tastes. All of our posts can …

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